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Tagelus with ClearPro Technology [EU]

High performance sand Filter

Tagelus is now also available with ClearPro Technology (Tagelus II) : A patented technology to reach a very fine level of filtration, 4 times better than with a conventional sand filter. As a result the water is of crystal quality. ClearPro approaches DE filter clarity with sand filter functionality. The secret is a component inside the filter—a porous tube through which water must pass before it re-enters the pool. It creates a final barrier for the smallest particles, including the finest dust particles, algae and pollens. At the same time, Tagelus II remains the blissfully simple filter that requires less maintenance than either cartridge or diatomaceous filters. Just an occasional backwashing with the turn of a valve is all it takes to keep Tagelus II delivering the clearest water year after year.