Lighting Products / LX-DA-005

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Features & Benefits

  • Power - 12~24V DC
  • Input voltage - 0.1AMax
  • Light color - Beam angle
  • Control mode - DMX512-A
  • Product dimensions - L115mm*W93mm*41mm

Product description

  • LX-DA-005 specifically for the bus connection DMX512 lighting system equipment signal amplification, signal distribution, signal isolation effect, compatible with standard DMX512/1990 signal.
  • by long-distance transmission and connect multiple devices DMX signal attenuation signal shaping amplification processing, with the extension of the role of the signal transmission distance.
  • the need to use multiple signals expansion of branch output control, increasing the DMX signal amplifier assign multiple control.
  • an input, 2-way allocation of output, 1 cascade output to avoid signal interference between the different DMX devices role in ensuring their safe operation.

Technical parameters

1. Disconnect power before attaching cables.
2. signal output short circuit ,hight pressure protection.
3. Power:12~24V DC Input 0.1A Max.
4. DMX Draft & Standard V1.0.
5. Control lnput DMX512(1990),MDX512-A.
Product Dimensions: 105*47*28(mm)
Package Size: 115*93*41(mm)
Weight (gross): 81g