Industrial Spray Nozzles / Floodjet High Impact Nozzle

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Floodjet High Impact Nozzle

High Impact Nozzle
Flat, high impact, sharply defined spray pattern without heavy edges. This type of high velocity spray is excellent for cleaning applications. Spray angles of 15, 25, 40, 50, 65, 80, 95 and 110 degrees are available.
Materials - These nozzles are available in SS & brass.

High impact spray, high cooling performance and energy-saving mist cooling nozzle.
Large turn-down ratio of 1: 20 and minimal variation in spray angle. (DOVEA series)
Large free passage diameter for minimal clogging.

Slab continuous casting
Bloom continuous casting
Billet casting
Cooling for continuous casting rollers
Cooling for hot mill rollers
Continuous annealing equipment