Industrial Spray Nozzles / Tank Washing Spray Nozzle

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Tank Washing Spray Nozzle

Tank Cleaning Fixed Nozzle Assembly For Fast and Powerful Cleaning of Drums and Barrels
Powerful cleaning using low flow rates
Removes tough residues quickly and effectively
Fast cycle times – clean multiple drums or barrels in minutes
Compatible with a variety of pumps including pressure washers


  • Thread Size:3/4'',1/2'',1'',1-1/2'',2'',2-1/2'' etc.
  • Spray Angle: available 360 degree at 3 bar water pressure.
  • Flow Rate:Standard Flow or OEM Flow Available at @ bar.
  • Spray Nozzle Pattern: Flat Fan(Standard Spray or Wide Angle and Narrow Angle), Solid Cone/Full Cone, Hollow Cone, Spiral       Cone (Full Cone and Hollow Cone), Fog Misting, Plastic Nozzles.
  • Nozzles material: Stainless Steel (303SS,304SS,316SS), Brass, Brass Plated Nickel, Plastics(PVC, Teflon,PP).
  • Flow Rate and spray angle make as per customer's requirements