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Threaded Bars

Threaded rod is a widely used and versatile product used in all industries, from industrial, chemical, electrical, construction, agricultural, maintenance, and even in home use. Using threaded rod eliminates the need for raw material, threading equipment, dies, and time. Threaded rod is produced with threads rolled under high pressure to give greater strength. Threaded rods can be used with standard nuts and washers. Threaded rod can be cut with a metal cutting hack saw or a power band saw. With clean saw cuts, the nut will move easily over the threads. With a rough saw cut, minimal deburring is required to clean the sawn end. Threaded rod is supplied in standard 36" lengths, but inquire on special lengths and grades as threaded rod is readily available.

Grades : 

Threaded Rod G2 Galvanized :

Ideal for plant maintenance, industrial, agricultural, and electrical components where corrosive conditions exist, including high humidity. Also popular in the plumbing and contractor fields, and when cleanliness and attractiveness is needed. 

Threaded Rod B7 Alloy :

a heat treated alloy threaded rod with 125,000 psi tensile strength. Used in applications where strength or high strength to weight ratio is needed. Meets ASTM A193-B7 requirements. 

Threaded Rod 18-8 Stainless :

A low carbon, 18-8 Chrome-Nickel austenitic stainless used where excellent corrosion resistance along with strength is required. Used extensively in chemical, food, medical, maintenance, machinery and agriculture industries where corrosion resistance is greatly needed. 


Threaded rod has a wide range of applications requiring threaded fastening, including threaded studs, tie rods, tie downs, anchor bolts, "U" bolts, eyebolts, hooks, etc.