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Cascade Jet Nozzle

Design/Application Data:The Cascade Nozzle is the single most popular effect used in commercial and architectural fountains through modern times. They can be used in a wide variety of ways to achieve spectacular effects. Whatever your plan or inspiration calls for, the Cascade can probably fill the bill. A water entertaining venturi type nozzle, the Cascade augments its spout effect by adding water volume from the pool. In doing so, a very heavy, powerful effect is achieved with little aeration. Cascade nozzles are used widely in architectural fountains, due to their high visibility and good wind resistance, exhibiting a very "hard" visual and audible impact suitable for large pools and outdoor applications where noise masking water effects are desired. This fountain nozzle is water level dependent, and requires a controlled water level. In addition, opaque water walls are easily achieved when several nozzles are placed in close proximity. 

The Cascade nozzles produce a graceful conical Shaped while display. The water level dependent aerated display is suitable for clam to light wind conditions. Exhibits excellent light reflecting properties.